Namibians must hold hands to find a solution to land distribution: Geingob

Access to land has been a business concern in Namibia, however Namibians should not illegally grab land, but hold hands and find sustainable solution to land distribution, President HageGeingob said.

Speaking at the two-day 2019 Namibia Economic Growth Summit held under the theme 'Economic Revival for Inclusive Growth, Strengthening the Namibian House' here on Monday, Geingob said Namibia is governed by the Rule of Law and the right to private property is guaranteed by the Constitution.

The President noted that both domestic and international investors may, by law, acquire land in the municipal areas, either through outright purchase rent or leasehold agreement.

There is a need to address historical injustices in terms of land ownership, and amendments to land ownership legislation would be effected within the provisions of the law as resolved during the Second National Land conference of October 2018, he explained.

The Head of State further said, Namibia is in a critical point of its history and the summit is the opportunity to shape collective destiny, adding that Namibians are in full control of their choices and actions, therefore, decisions at the summit have the potential to become harbingers of growth and opportunity.

Geingob alluded that the economic challenges in Namibia over previous years might have left some citizens despondent and hopeless but urged them to remain hopeful through the difficult periods and demonstrate resilience and optimism for a better future.

I call on all participants to seize this significant moment and the available opportunities to steer Namibia towards a destiny of economic equity, opportunity and shared prosperity, he said.

The President further noted that with the international and diverse representation of the summit participation, Namibia stands to learn and benefit from established global best practices.

Source: Namibia Press Agency