Nanso secures grants for 15 students

The Namibian National Students Organisation (NANSO) after partnering with Namibia Institution of Mining and Technology (NIMT) and Academy of Business English (ABE) offered grants to 15 students here on Monday as part of access to an education campaign.

The main objective of the campaign which officially kicked off on 06 January until 07 February this year, was to ensure that every Namibian child has access to education and the opportunity to enjoy the right of education as stipulated in the Namibian Constitution.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Simon Taapopi who is NANSO president said NIMT and ABE joined them in their belief that the doors of learning must be open and accessible to those who seek it.

Taapopi added that the ethos of NANSO is to realize an education that drives social progress and development is in fact in line with their program of ensuring that there is access to education, particularly vocational training.

The education that we acquire must be a wherewithal to change our social and material conditions. We must just not acquire education for the sake of it, but to enable us to effectively change our communities, environments and break the cycle of poverty and destitution among the communities where we came from, said the president.

Taapopi further urged beneficiaries to make use of these scholarships to ease the burden of their studies.

Go on to ensure that we innovate and change our societies, he urged.

All 13 students at ABE will be studying for Office Administration whereas those at NIMT will study Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The scholarship will cover two student's tuition fees and accommodation at NIMT while the ABE's 13 students will have to look for their own accommodation and transport.

Source: Namibia Press Agency