Normalisation Committee and NPL pave way for football to start

The long awaited meeting between the Namibian Premier League (NPL) and International Federation of Association Football Normalisation Committee (NC) for Namibia, took place on Thursday paving the way for the start of football in Namibia.

Having disregarded the NC's instruction that no promotion and relegation should take place for the 2018/2019 season and consequently registered a national dispute with the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) against the NC, a request that was dismissed by NSC, the NPL executive was last Wednesday required by the Board of Governors to hold talks with the NC and resolve the impasse around promotion and relegation.

A letter dated 04 September from NC Chairperson Hilda Basson-Namundjebo, directed to NPL Chairperson Patrick Kauta, the NC says they are concerned by the league's silence on the issue related to relegation and promotion of teams for the 2019/20 season.

The committee wrote a letter to the NPL saying the league must not go ahead and start with the 2019/20 season with 13 teams instead of 16, while the NPL was adamant that they will resume with 13 teams.

Public Relations Officer for the NPL, Andre Gariseb said on Thursday the meeting resolved that the NC officially communicate to NPL the team's to be promoted to be added on the current list of 13 teams.

This has to be tabled at tomorrow's NPL Congress which will decide whether these teams should be admitted to the NPL. The NPL Congress will also decide the date for the league kick off which will be communicated to the NC next week, Gariseb said.

He further said the NPL, as an alternative proposal, offer to assist the lower leagues with funding of the First and Second Divisions.

This is mainly for the purposes of preparing the kickoff of the two lower divisions and to ensure that all three leagues/divisions start at the same time. Furthermore it is required from the NC to forward to the NPL the Rules and Method to be used to promote and relegate Clubs to and from different NFA affiliated leagues, Gariseb remarked.

In conclusion Gariseb said although there is a general understanding for the all three divisions to kick off simultaneously, the decision to kick start the first and second divisions lay solely with the NC.

Therefore, it would be advisable not to put any timelines on the start of these leagues, until official announcement from the NPL and NC on this regard, he ended.

Source: Namibia Press Agency