Opuwo residents with disconnected water have to engage CEO for reconnection

 Residents of Opuwo whose water supply was disconnected due to non-payment will have to talk and register with the CEO to have their water reconnected during the period of COVID-19.

This follows the Council directive taken at a meeting held here on Thursday with Namwater, Opuwo Town mayor Albert Tjiuma, told Nampa upon enquiry.

Tjiuma said it was imperative to take such a decision and this will help curb the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). “Residence who are arrears of water will as from today be supplied with water but however, this is not an automatic exercise, the residence has to come to the council chambers and meet with the town’s CEO to discuss the way forward to have the water taps reconnected,” said Tjiuma.

“The process of opening taps have already commenced,” said Tjiuma.

The mayor also noted that those who can afford to settle their debts should do so but those cannot, for the time being, will still be supplied or have their water reconnected until further notice.

Tjiuma added that the reconnection will be for the emergency period in a fight against the coronavirus pandemic and debts will not be written off.

Opuwo Town Council is working around the clock in attempts to supply everyone in town with water during this crisis, he said.

The mayor further said the locations without water supply at all will soon receive water as this is one of the best ways to help curb the spread of Covid-19. He, however, cautioned residents to adhere to all set rules of the coronavirus pandemic by maintaining hygiene at all times.

Source: Namibia Press Agency