Otjiwarongo municipality to forcefully remove suspected land grabbers in Ombili

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Otjiwarongo Municipality, Marlay sharlay Mbakera has threatened to use force when removing the residents on Friday who allegedly grabbed unserviced municipality land in the Ombili informal settlement.

Mbakera told Nampa in an interview on Thursday that a total of 40 zinc sheet built houses were found on the municipality's piece of land in the northeast of Ombili informal settlement at the town.

We have big plans for this land, very good plans as we plan to service and establish over 4 000 residential and business plots on it, therefore, we will remove even with force any person who we will find residing on this piece of land, she said.

Mbakera said a property land developer who have been appointed to service the area from January this year to June 2020 allegedly also started conducting mappings and design activities on the area where the alleged land grabbers have now set up illegal structures.

She said the developer is expected to channel clean drinking water, create street roads and street lights on the same land before the municipality can allocate the plots.

Mbakera further explained that her office has a database for the housing applicants dating back to 2016.

In June this year we expect to start allocating plots to these applicants, therefore, we will have to remove all these illegal structures we have identified on this land, she said.

The executive officer further warned any other residents planning to grab land in the area of Ombili to stop.

When this news agency visited the area on Thursday, nearly 50 people were found on the land.

I will not move anywhere or allow a person to dismantle my shack until the municipality shows me where to go to a place I will call home, said a 40-year-old Ndeuhala Haufe.

Iyambo Shapwa, 62, on his part accused the municipality of taking forever in servicing or allocating plots to desperate people who need houses.

He said since 2015 he allegedly has been applying for land at the municipality but no answer was given to him.

Shapwa said the same municipality is allegedly quick to allocate plots to foreigners who do not participate in the development of the country or vote for the regional and national leaders to power.

The 32-year-old Aune Johannes threatened not to vote in any regional or local authority elections if her shack will be destroyed by the municipality officials on Friday.

The group claims to have been on this municipality land since November 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency