Over 2 000 learners in Ohangwena not back at school

Director of education in the Ohangwena Region, Isak Hamatwi, said 2 024 out of the region’s 96 706 learners are yet to return to school since the resumption of face-to-face learning in June.

Hamatwi explained this during the Ohangwena Education Directorate’s stakeholders’ consultative meeting held at the Eembaxu Billy Mwaningange Rural Development Centre on Monday.

He said 94 682 learners returned to school after the suspension of the face-to-face classes due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic earlier this year.

However, Hamatwi pointed out that 174 of the 2 024 absent learners are learning from home through online learning and/or collecting learning material from schools.

These learners, he said, are doing online learning as per the choice of their parents. He added that 443 learners fell pregnant during the period when classes were suspended.

“Those who fell pregnant might have been counted in or out of the returning learners as it does not mean when a child falls pregnant, she is automatically out of school,” Hamatwi explained.

According to him, all schools in the region met the COVID-19 compliance standards.

“We have a few schools without potable water in the remote areas of the region, where we use tanks to provide clean water,” stated the educator.

Hamatwi further added that over 1 300 Angolan children are crossing the border every day to attend school in Namibia.

Source: Namibia Press Agency