Over 348 000 warrants of arrest still to be executed

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A total of 348 438 warrants of arrest on motorist traffic offenders were still to be executed countrywide.

This prompted the National Criminal Justice Forum to pass a decision to grant amnesty to all members of the public who have pending traffic warrants of arrest.

The three-month amnesty period started on 01 November, to end 31 January 2023, and will allow all members of the public with pending traffic arrest warrants to pay their admission of guilt fines without appearing in court.

At a press conference here on Friday, Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force, Lieutenant General Joseph Shikongo announced that these warrants of arrest are not only for the Namibian Police Traffic Law Enforcement Division, but for all municipal traffic service and road transport inspectors countrywide.

Therefore, Shikongo encouraged members of the public to enquire on possible outstanding or status of the warrants of their arrest at the magistrate offices and traffic offices within the magisterial district where the tickets were issued.

He appealed to members of the public to make use of the amnesty period as an opportunity to clear their names of warrants of arrest and change their behaviour on the public road moving forward.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency