PG’s decision awaited in Kazeurua case

GOBABIS: The stock theft and murder case relating to the death of Aminuis anti-stock theft activist Himbepo ‘Major’ Kazeurua will continue in the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court on 04 March 2014. During a brief appearance before Magistrate Victor Nyazo on Friday, the four accused in the matter – Stockley Kauejao, 39; Muvare Kaporo, 28; Mathew Kakururume, 24; and Aphas Kamutjemo, 37- were warned to return to court on that day to hear the outcome on the Prosecutor-General’s decision.

The matter had been postponed from 04 October 2013 for the Prosecutor-General’s decision, which would set out which court would most likely try the matter. The four accused persons face one count of stock theft each in relation to 15 heads of cattle that was reportedly stolen from a farm in the Omaheke Region.
With the exception of Kamutjemo, the remaining suspects also face one count of murder each relating to Kazeurua’s death.

His partly burned body was found bundled into an Aardvark burrow on Farm Brazil in the Omaheke Region’s Kalahari Constituency. The deceased was allegedly on the trail of the stolen cattle when he met his tragic end. Only Kamutjemo remains free on bail, albeit with stringent conditions following a lengthy bail hearing that spanned almost two weeks. The remaining three suspects have been denied bail and are remanded in custody to date.