Second phase of Operation Kalahari Desert to commence on Monday

The Namibian police and Namibia Defence Force (NDF) joint Operation Kalahari desert phase II will start next week Monday, said Police spokesperson, deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi in a press briefing here on Tuesday.

Kanguatjivi said before the start of the operations, all the officers to partake in the operation will undergo a three days intensive induction training with main focus on conduct during the execution of their duty.

He urged the public to work together with the law enforcement agencies to ensure proper combating of crimes.

With the resumption of Phase II of Operation Kalahari desert, we request the public to desist from any act of lawlessness, undermining of authority, obstructing f the officers in the execution of their duties, lack of corporation, unruly and other unbecoming behaviours, he said.

He added such behaviours will not be tolerated adding this operation is very pertinent to safety and security and public should appreciate it.

Kanguatjivi added that just after the end of Operation Hornkranz the national crime report in March rose from 8039 to 8787.

He added after the introduction of Operation Kalahari Desert phase one the national crime report in April reduced to 8186 and in June which was the last month of phase one it was 7349.

Highlighting on the success of the operation Kalahari Desert phase on Kanguatjivi it led to 1996 arrests of which 762 are major offences and 1234 minor offences, N.dollars 683 072 worth of drugs confiscated, 284 livestock recovered and 4454 summons issued.

He added during phase one 1711weapons were confiscated including three are shot guns and 46 are pistols.

Kanguatjivi further added that the few incidences of alleged unprofessional conduct made against law enforcement operatives among other cases of alleged misconduct by law enforcement officer on operation were investigated and many of the claims were unfounded and fabricated.

Source: Namibia Press Agency