Self-serving leaders must fall: Venaani

Leaders who put their interests ahead of those of the country or the people that they purport to lead should not be elected in positions of influence as doing so is counterproductive and against the ethos of nation-building.

These were the words of Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani when he addressed the opening of the party's electoral college in the capital on Saturday.

Through the electoral, PDM will elect the 96 to represent the party in the Nation Assembly, depending on the votes it gets during the National Assembly beyond 21 March 2020.

At the onset, Venaani told the delegates to avoid falling in the trap wherein patronage and loyalty is the gauge used to determine who goes to parliament or not.

It is important to put it down that many of us wish to serve in a certain position but for the wrong reasons. We wish to serve our families in certain positions of power. We wish to serve our statuses as individuals in positions of power. And we cannot purport to lead our country if we are self-centered in our politics, he said.

Venaani added that over the last five years, he has seen politicians in the National Assembly who barely open their mouths to contribute to the improvement of policies or even mere debates.

I have seen the ruling party's MPs, 60 per cent of them were mum, quiet in the National Assembly. And I ask myself if that is a representation, then I do not want such representation, he claimed.

Venaani went on: You can't afford to purport to lead people in silence.

He went on to encourage Namibians who aspire political office or any other position of influence to be staunch patriots.

Namibia, this country which is the quantum of our hopes and the bearer of soul. Namibia's survival is more cardinal than any political formation in our republic, he said.

He went to say that talking about future matters and engaging young people in conversations about politics and how it impacts them is pivotal in any democratic dispensation.

As we speak, overall unemployment still stands at 37 per cent while youth unemployment is at 43.4 per cent, yet we have various ministries returning money back to Treasury despite a worsening poverty crisis in the country, he said.

He added: Namibia is for all, not just a few comrades who tell the president what they think he wants to hear while stuffing their own pockets with deals that mean nothing for the majority.

The event is scheduled to conclude during the late hours of Saturday, with results to be announced immediately thereafter.

Namibia will hold the Presidential and National Assembly elections on 27 November 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency