Students organisation prepares for registration at tertiary institutions

In its effort to assist students with placements at schools and tertiary institutions, the Namibia National Students Organisation (NANSO) held an information-sharing session in the capital on Sunday.

Speaking to Nampa at the event, NANSO Secretary-General (SG) Efraim Paulus said the session was primarily aimed at sharing information with regard to the ongoing access to education campaign.

Our campaign has already started on the first week of January 2020 with placements of learners in schools and now we are organising ourselves on the placement at the institution of higher learning countrywide, said Paulus.

The SG further said that NANSO will be noticeable in all tertiary institutions across the country and will help with the registration.

We will make sure that every student who qualifies to get education get it and this organisation will eliminate factors that prompt them to education, Paulus alluded.

The SG also added that the organisation will identify students who cannot afford to apply to Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund because they don't have data.

We will provide a laptop and data to make sure students got assisted even those far from network area, assured Paulus.

Additionally, the student organisation will identify student from an abusive environment and see how to assist them.

Even student's safety during registration is a major concern to the organisation and we have engaged the police on this matter which will help students pickpocketed of money, emphasised the SG.

The organisation had asked the police to help with certifying of documents at the institution's premises during the registration process.

We also call upon those parents who cannot afford registration to approach the organisation for help, Paulus concluded.

Source: Namibia Press Agency