Swapo central committee members meet at Otjiwarongo

Members of the Swapo-Party Central Committee on Sunday evening held their meeting at Otjiwarongo to prepare for the party's electoral college set to take place at the beginning of September this year in the capital.

The top four Swapo central committee members are the party's president HageGeingob, party vice-president Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa and Deputy Secretary-General Marco Hausiku and 14 regional Swapo-Party coordinators who were all present at the meeting.

Various ministers and deputy ministers who are members of the central committee also attended the meeting here which started with many revolutionary songs.

President Geingob officially opened it with a moment of silence in remembrance of late Vice-President NickeyIyambo who passed away in May this year.

Iyambo's chair he used to occupy at the central committee was also kept vacant at Otjiwarongo, with Geingob saying it is the tradition in Swapo usually at the first central committee meetings after the departure of the committee member.

Geingob had told the meeting that the purpose of the party to hold this central committee meeting at Otjiwarongo was merely to prepare for the Swapo-Party's electoral college also known as the pot, which is expected to take place in the capital at the beginning of next month.

It is at this electoral college where those of you who would like to become members of the National Assembly will be elected and placed on the list, therefore, we have to prepare for it, he said.

The President also said that the party decided to hold this central committee meeting at Otjiwarongo where the Heroes' Day commemoration is taking place on Monday, 26 August this year to remember those heroes and heroines who scarified their lives for the peace, unity and prosperity Namibia is enjoying today.

He then concluded his official remarks by cautioning those Swapo-Party members in leadership positions to take their jobs seriously and serve the nation with dedication and by acting very fast on matters affecting lives of the masses.

Source: Namibia Press Agency