The Other Lifestyle: Pamper Your Feet

Your feet enable you to stand, walk, run, jump and so much more. They also look fabulous in a variety of shoes. Therefore, it's important to take care of your feet and to pamper them.


Wearing shoes that are in the wrong size or have an uncomfortable design can be detrimental to the health of your feet. Tight or painfully fitting shoes are usually the culprits when it comes to corns, bunions and foot aches. If you work in an office environment that requires you to wear high heels, always carry a pair of comfy pumps (ballet flats) in your handbag; slip them on during working hours underneath your desk, while running errands during lunchtime and right after you knock off.


Feet have numerous sweat glands that help to keep the soles moist. However, wearing closed shoes for many hours during warm weather causes the accumulation of bacteria which produces substances that emit smelly odours. Apply some foot powder after washing your feet if you are prone to experiencing sweaty feet and always wear clean socks. Be cautious about foot-care when using public facilities such as gym showers to prevent foot infections; wearing unsoiled flip flops provides a barrier between your feet and the shower floor.


Cracked heels and unkempt toenails are a huge turn-off. Always keep your toenails neatly trimmed and filed. Buy a foot scrub or pumice stone and use it regularly when you take a shower. Gently scrubbing the soles of your feet will exfoliate and revitalise them. Lotions are not ideal for moisturising your feet, use a nourishing cream instead. On those days that your feet are tired and sore from a long day, soak them in a bucket of warm water; add some honey and olive oil for a natural skin treat.


A foot massage is soothing, and it helps to relieve tired and aching feet. Receiving a foot rub from your significant other after a long day is a lovely gesture. However, there is nothing wrong with messaging your own feet if you don't have somebody to do it for you. Start off by gently rolling the foot in a circular motion on the axes of the ankle to release tension in the joints. Using your thumbs, concentrate the pressure on the heels, ease up on the soft centre of the foot then give the toes a little squeeze.


Painted toenails are pretty and stylish. However, old chipped nail polish on your toenails is simply unflattering. Invest in quality nail polish brands that last for one week after application. Make sure that your nail polish remover does not contain harmful toxic ingredients. Wearing a toe ring is another way of decorating your feet, your ring should be a perfect fit but don't wear it daily as it can cause friction with certain shoes.

Beauty Ndapanda is a lifestyle blogger/writer. Her articles include wellness and beauty tips to help readers look and feel their best, while her topics on introspection examine thoughts and emotional processes for navigating through life's ups and downs.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia