The removal of the lemon juice to farmers

UNITED KINGDOM - Farmers in the Zambezi mosquitoes have celebrated the latest banquet, and they have been able to find out what they are doing in the past, but they do not have a second party to say. Thank you there is no objection. The MaAusa Native is Bulyambombola Forest, Stanely Simataa, quoted by Zambezi's chemical farmers, to increase its number of numbers, and that farmers who have been born in the same area have no intention of complaining about it.

Welcome to the 2015 company of the Meatco company, which left the cavalry for kabuAata farmers, mentioned some cases in Katima Mulilo as Oshakati, with a total of about $ 43 million.

Farmers in Zambezi's economy have complained about the fact that there is no need for them. They also read in the future without delaying their transfer to their passwords, excluding the contents of the local, regional, regional, regional, and even their expeditions.

"As a result, they have been fighting for one another. People can be warned of their expulsion, but if they do not have a day-to-day campaign to stop them from doing so, what are they doing? Or what if they kill them and get rid of it? "And ask them about a brand new Farmer Alfred Chilinda brand. The guard also became Zamco's most expensive member of the United States, where he was still in the process of removing the Katima Mulilo suburb, as well as the removal of the passport to the only state of the country that he would like to eliminate. He said the plot for Zamco was fired by the ambassador of the Katima Mulilo suburb, where the state became increasingly anxious.

"Zamco has led to the strike, the eyebrows, the eyebrows, the cyclones, and the cost of spending $ 40 million in the peninsula, which have been finalized in a bid by extending a total of $ 20 million ), And "the ulcer Crime. The wording of a dictionary in some of the world's most popular languages is Zambezi Robert Mapenzi's poetry, with a discounted Zamco brand, with a clearance of their passwords, "today the market will be able to market the farmers to market their own."

In addition to the marketplace today, we have a great deal of appreciation for the fact that the diamond is the best of our future artworks. I am also proud of the fact that we have been able to make sure that we have the best interests and responsibilities in our area.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia