Tré Closes Doors Today After 20 Years

A POPULAR Windhoek shop, Treacute Sentra Supermarket and Bottle Store, is closing its doors tonight after operating for about two decades.

The closure, which comes after the owner of the business, Sidonio Correia Treacute, died in June last year, leaves about 50 workers without jobs.

Adino Treacute, one of the sons of the late owner of the supermarket, confirmed yesterday that the business, situated on the corner of Independence Avenue and Grimm Street in Windhoek, is closing down, but could not give further details.

“I will let the media know when I have a comment. For now, I am very busy. I cannot talk to you. All I can say now is [that] we are struggling to find a suitable buyer for the shop but we are planning to open something bigger and better,” Treacute said.

According to a worker who declined to be named, they have to find other jobs after today.

“Now we have to start from scratch to look for jobs, which are hard to find,” the staff member said.

For about the past three weeks, items in the supermarket and bottle store were being sold at half price.

With its extended trading hours – it still remained open during evenings at times that other supermarkets in Windhoek were already closed for business – and often with an eclectic selection of goods, including Portuguese delicacies, on its shelves, Treacute Supermarket has been an institution for many Windhoek shoppers.

The late Sidonio Treacute, who was born on the Portuguese island Madeira, left assets valued at more than N$97,5 million when he died at the age of 67 on 18 June last year, according to the record of his estate kept at the office of the Master of the High Court.

Treacute named his three sons as his heirs, directing that each was to inherit a one-third share of his assets, which included immovable properties valued at about N$32 million, interests and loan accounts in close corporations with a total value of more than N$54,5 million, and shares and policies valued at N$7,4 million.

In the distribution account of Treacute’s estate, the supermarket and liquor store are valued at N$3,4 million as a going concern.

Treacute’s wife, Maria Treacute, died in January last year.

Source : The Namibian