Vladimir Putin is taking part in the G20 Summit sessions

Thesecond session attheG20 Summit, Global Economic andFinancial Governance, will focus onways tostrengthen theglobal financial architecture, modernise tax systems andbank regulation mechanisms, andfight corruption.

Thethird session will address issues ofsustainable international trade andinvestment. Theparticipants will discuss measures topromote thegrowth ofinternational trade, simplify regulations, reduce thecustoms burden, facilitate international trade andeconomic integration andstrengthen cooperation ininvestment policies.

Theparticipants atthefourth session, Inclusive andInterconnected Development, will discuss theimplementation oftheUN 2030 Agenda forSustainable Development, ways tohelp theleast developed countries accelerate their economic industrialisation programmes, create new jobs, reduce unemployment andachieve food security.

Thefifth session will focus onother issues that affect theglobal economy, inparticular, thethreat ofterrorism, primarily Islamic State, possible forms ofcooperation inthefight against theproliferation ofterrorism andextremism intheMiddle East andNorth Africa andsolutions totheforced migration ofpeople from zones ofhostilities. Theparticipants will also discuss global warming andcertain healthcare issues.

Source: President of Russia.