Voting process in Tsumkwe kicks off at snail’s pace

The voting process for the Regional Councils and Local Authority elections kicked off at a very slow pace at the Tsumkwe Settlement in Otjozondjupa Region on Wednesday.

When Nampa arrived at the Tsumkwe Community Hall polling station at about 06h30 on Wednesday morning, less than 10 people waiting in a small queue outside the hall, with voting expected to start at 07h00.

However, the number of people in the queue only increased to about 30 people when the voting process started at 07h01.

At this polling station, a small group of senior citizens in a separate queue were accorded the first priority to cast their votes for the political parties of their choice.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Nampa on Wednesday morning, Desiree Masheshe, an official of the Electoral Commission of Namibia was quite optimistic that the situation of the slow movement of people to the polling station and the pace of the voting will improve during the course of the day.

Masheshe hopes that people will still come in large number to the polling station to exercise their constitutional rights and vote for their preferred candidates and political parties.

The race for the Regional Councillor of the Tsumkwe Constituency is contested by the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), Swapo Party and the National Unity of Democratic Organisation (Nudo) candidates.

The Tsumkwe Constituency is home to about 10 000 inhabitants, the majority being San and Ovaherero communal farmers, as well as small and medium business owners.

There are eight (8) fixed polling stations in the Constituency, which are; Tsumkwe settlement’s Community Hall, Gam’s Voters Education Centre, M’Kata Primary School, Mangetti Dune Church, Omatako Primary School, Eden Farm, Rooidag Gate Primary School and Assvoelnes Primary School. The area also has 20 mobile teams at its disposal.

Voting ends at 21h00 on Wednesday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency