Wedding Season a Boom for Northern Tailors

Hundreds of tailors in the north are smiling all the way to the bank making huge profits from the wedding season in the north.

The school holidays in August and December are considered the peak season for businesses that make clothes and cater for weddings, such as tailoring outlets and bakeries. This is the time when many people in the north say ‘I do’.

Brides and their grooms order tailor-made apparel for teams of bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as for their families. The biggest business is that of traditional clothing where one wedding could see the order of up to 100 outfits or more.

Individuals also visit tailors for special designs. ordmSirkka Hango, the owner of Ackky Design a tailoring business in Oshakati said the number of customers has doubled and sometimes it triples during the wedding season.

“Today alone five customers visited my place. It is still morning, which means I might get up to 10 customers today alone. A day or two can pass during other months without receiving a single customer. One wishes wedding seasons (school holidays) can be extended by even up to two months,” said Hango. In August alone Ackyy Design made clothes for two weddings of which one needed 41 outfits including traditional dresses, modern attire and fashionable shirts for men.

“But the people that come just for a single item are countless. At times you are just under pressure because the customers are too many,” said Hango.

A stone’s throw from Ackky Design is Nambudhi Tailoring, a business that belongs to Nambudhi David.

David said business during this year’s wedding season is good but not as it used to be a few years ago.

According to David the tailoring business is getting more and more saturated by the day as there are too many upcoming tailors venturing into the market.

“Things are not too bad but we still have one wedding and about 15 outfits to make. But 15 outfits is nothing because sometimes we make up to 60 dresses for one wedding,” said David.

Last year Nambudhi Tailoring had to turn away some clients as the demand was just too high. This has however not happened this year. This is one of the reasons why prospective brides and grooms are aised to book the services of Nambudhi Tailoring at least three months in aance.

“Weddings are nice because this is the only time when you have the opportunity to make clothes on a bigger scale. One wishes the whole year is a wedding season because even on the day that you do not get customers putting in their orders, you always have a lot to do, because wedding clients order a lot of items, with various designs based on the age of the people that are going to wear such clothes,” said Maria Valombola.

Source : New Era