What say ye ‘bout corruption?

“Results from the Round 5 Afrobarometer survey are by far the most negative concerning how the government is handling corruption. “For the first time more than half (56%) of respondents reported  that the government is doing a shoddy job in curbing the scourge of corruption.” These are the official findings of the survey that was conducted by the Institute of Public Policy and Research.
In 2006, 48% of surveyed Namibians were of the opinion that the government is performing poorly in fighting corruption, while 50% appraised the government favourably in handling the fight against corruption. After the official launch of operations of the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2007, the picture changed slightly. During the fourth round of the Afrobarometer survey in 2008, the proportion of respondents with the view that the government is failing to deal with graft decreased by 7 percentage points to 41%. A marginal increase of 4% was recorded for those who said the government is handling corruption well. Based on the results from round 5, the improved sentiments were only transitory. The public seems to have lost faith in governments ability to handle to subject matter.