Wishing Grade 10s, 12s the best

It generates a feeling of optimism, hope and excitement for me to present to the Grade 10 and 12 classes of 2017 some few strategies on how to prepare for their final exams.

Excellent results in Grade 10 and 12 can give you opportunities that can positively impact on your future career and well-being. It is therefore of paramount importance that you pay particular attention to your schoolwork and thoroughly prepare from today while you are on holiday. Do not wait for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

It is important that each one of you draw up a comprehensive study timetable that will guide you to study all your subjects well. Remember, you cannot easily make up for lost time, so use your time wisely and productively.

Moreover, it is crucial that you work through your subject content methodically. It is equally important that you make summary notes, use drawings, mind maps, textbooks, study guides, past examination question papers, and other resource materials to revise your work and thoroughly prepare for your examinations.

We can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world � and none of it will matter unless all of you fulfil your responsibilities.

Unless you show up at those schools; pay attention to those teachers; listen to your parents, grandparents and elders; and put in the hard work [you cannot succeed].

And that's what I want you to focus on from today: the responsibility each of you has for your education.

I want you to start with the responsibility you have to yourself. That's the opportunity an education can provide.

Education starts by changing one person's life, and ends up changing the world. The only real failure in life is the failure to try. Never give up trying to fulfil your dreams and ideas. In the end everyone who tries will succeed, and if you haven't succeeded, then you have not reached the end.

Remember, be proud of who you are and what you have already achieved so far. Keep moving ahead and set your goals high. Believe in yourself.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in day out. May God's presence fill your studies and open your mind when you read.

God gave you understanding and wisdom in everything. Pray when you are stuck and he will give you courage.

I wish you all success in your endeavours. Good luck!

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia