Young woman needs N$500 000 for surgery

Windhoek-A Canadian-based Namibian woman suffering from severe headaches, caused by a lesion on her skull base that is pressing on her brain, is in need of an urgent operation that could save her life.

Charmain Mujambere, 27, who lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta, is in need of an operation that will cost N$500 000.

Her mother Kaundjerue Mujambere said the medical problem of her daughter started when she was 16 years old.

"In 2009 she underwent an operation where a biopsy was done to determine what the problem was but we never received the results," said Kaundjerue.

When Mujambere relocated to Canada in 2011 the problem worsened. The condition has caused a swelling on the forehead and severe headaches for which she has had to be injected since 2015 to relieve the pain. The headaches are so severe that she had to resign from her job.

A report from Dr Michael Chowe, a neurosurgeon in Canada, explained that the severe headaches Mujambere is experiencing could be a result of increased intracranial pressure.

"She has a lesion of her skull base that is pressing on her brain and will likely need semi-urgent surgery as it could potentially be life-threatening if left uncontrolled," according to a letter by Chowe.

She was supposed to have undergone an operation in October last year in Canada but due to insufficient funds that did not happen and the family in Namibia has resorted to raising funds for surgery in May.

The family feels it is much easier for the operation to take place in Canada considering logistical issues as well as the fact that she has already started treatment in Canada.

"We are not only in need of financial assistance, we also need the nation to stand with us in prayer and to donate anything that we can sell to generate funds for the operation," said Kaundjerue. New Era tried to contact Mujambere in Canada but her phone rang answered.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has a special fund that assists patients undergoing major treatment that they cannot afford.

Ester Paulus, the spokesperson of the health ministry, explained that the procedure requires that the person seeking health assistance be a state patient and undergoes medical examination here.

"If the person cannot be treated here they can be treated where the specialists are," Paulus explained.

People willing to financially support Mujambere are requested to deposit money into the CM (Charmain Mujambere) Fund, Bank Windhoek account number: 2000337571, savings, or contact 0814148415.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia