Vendor Seizes Campaign

As political parties do everything to convince the electorate to vote for them in the upcoming elections some entrepreneurs are capitalising on this opportunity by selling political party merchandise.

Vendor Betuel Ulenga who sold Swapo-themed attire and accessories from the back of his vehicle in Soweto on Friday said: “I need to promote Swapo. I want to make sure people wear party clothing as part of their personal campaign.”

He said his business has attracted many Swapo supporters who buy the Swapo branded T-shirts, sweaters, watches and stickers.

Ulenga started selling the branded attire and accessories in August. “People are buying. Business is really doing well, there are no hiccups yet and I am doing this at an appropriate time,” said Ulenga.

The prices of his items range from N$10 to N$250.

Source : New Era