Building a Lüderitz carpentry business

Phineas Nuuyoma in his factory in Lüderitz where he makes wooden beds and cabinets.Phineas Nuuyoma started his carpentry business in Lüderitz in May 2011. As his business grew, he progressed from the informal settlement called Area 7, in the Lüderitz location to a workshop at the harbour and a showroom in Bülow Street. He attended the basic business skills training with Junior Achievement Namibia and obtained a business loan.
Junior Achievement Namibia Country Director, Johanna Cloete said “Phineas saw the need of people in Area 7 for pine wooden beds, chairs and pressed wood cabinets. Spotting the market need was his forte. When he received his loan and continued with his joinery business, it became successful but he was constrained by acquiring raw materials. He approached JA Namibia and applied for a second loan. The N$20,000 loan was granted with the assistance from the Namibia Youth Credit Scheme and his business is flourishing.”
Because of the demand for his products, he had to get a bigger place to manufacture in. Nuuyoma applied to the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Equipment Fund for more equipment to enable him to satisfy the demand.