ConFab, a new add on experience in eating out

Just seating, relaxing and enjoying a great conversation with friends, colleagues or new acquaintances in a assuring, safe and secure atmosphere is what you crave for, then looks no further than the Confab Restaurant.

In more than one ways the eatery is valuable new edition to the array of eateries in town, more so in Auspannplatz where such hideouts are few and far in between. Situated at the heart of Auspannplatz in Dr Agostinho Neto Street, it is open Mondays to Fridays from 07h30 to 22h00. On Saturdays, The ConFab is open from 12h00 until 22h00. With its classy rooftop, overlooking the city's surrounding buildings, one can really feel the pulse of the city, and from this stunning setting one also has an amazing sunset view. Going by the saying some eat to live, while others live to eat, whichever of the two, the Confab restaurant offers good food with a satisfying effect on your mind.

The restaurant is aimed at attracting top business people to enjoy their breakfast, normally served daily, weekdays 07h30-11H00, or just lunch on offer in the afternoon, while enjoying their conversation. For the night birds and owls, it hosts various events like gigs, dancing and promotions such as wine tasting for the connoisseurs. The place also welcomes different functions such as media launches and private functions.

Visiting it for the first time a month ago during a media invitation for the launch of the Simply You Magazine Fashion and Lifestyles awards, food could not only struck me as culinary palatial exploration and discovery, but an experience in rich streams of local and international cuisines. To the extent of forgot the raison d'etre of my invite. Entering, one cannot miss the chandelier-lit up. The ambience is a clear winner, glam-look yet laidback and comfortable.

For the sundowners, the place is already buzzing with people, and thus ideal for mingling and interacting. The definition of the name, ConFab, says it all. An informal private conversation or discussion. This is what you can get at this place, owned by local actress and celebrity, Tjiuna Kauapirurua. The second rendezvousing to this restaurant was one Saturday with a friend. The vibe was chilling and informal, but classy too. The arrangement was impressive, especially the friendly waitresses.

Thanks for the era were waitress don't take more than 30 minutes to bring what you have just ordered. With more than four waitress in the house, the service of ConFab restaurant is very fast, and one doesn't need to be worried about a nagging stomach as within 10 to 15 minutes, one's order, depending on its palatial complexity and sophistication, is ready. Without booking, you can always find space and a waitress ready to host and serve you.

We settled for a platter of meatballs, chicken drumsticks, sausages, minute steaks, mince and vegetable samosas, club sandwich triangles, which was good. The price was a bit high, at N$ 700, but for two people, this can be enough for the whole day. But one cannot recommend this for more than five people, as it won't be enough. Apart from that, a plate of Meaty Goodness, Poultry Stuff, and Leafy Stuff such as Greek salad, Smoked beef salad and many others are on offer. All prices rage between N$ 50 to N$ 300 for the meals. For the beverages, one can order a menu of selected wines, cocktails and hard liquor, depending on what you want to drink.

The Confab recently hosted the video launch of Sally Boss Madam, a jazz night with Suzy Eises, Little Black Party, as well as dancing to Old School music. Next weekend it is hosting a fashion show.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia