FMD vaccination campaign kicks off in Kavango East

MUKWE: The first round of this year’s foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccination campaign in the Kavango East Region’s Mukwe and Ndiyona constituencies kicked off on Monday.

The one-month campaign aims to vaccinate about 30 000 heads of cattle in the two constituencies.

Last year’s second vaccination campaign covered over 90 per cent of the targeted livestock – totalling around 28 000 cattle.
Animal health technician in the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS), Ben Ndumba on Monday called on livestock farmers to prepare their crash pans by cleaning them so that the campaign can run smoothly.

The DVS is also conducting a rabies vaccination campaign for dogs concurrently with the FMD drive.

The FMD campaign started in the Mukwe Constituency before moving on to Ndiyona. About 30 farms and 40 communities will be covered in the Mukwe Constituency, while in Ndiyona, the campaign will cover 55 communities.

Seven teams with four labourers each have been deployed.
Mobile crash pans are being used in communities which do not have fixed crash pans, or where this equipment is in an irreparable state.
The vaccination will again be conducted in six months’ time as the vaccine used remains active for six months only.

The FMD vaccination campaign is one strategy aimed at ensuring that the disease is completely eradicated.

In July 2008, an FMD outbreak was detected at Kamutjonga village, situated some 225 kilometres east of Rundu in the Mukwe Constituency.
Cattle in the two constituencies have been vaccinated every year since then.

The outbreak was suspected to have been transmitted by buffaloes from the nearby Mahango Game Park.