Katutura East Constituency office donates material worth N.dollars 150 000

The Katutura East Constituency office handed over equipment to eight projects valued at N.dollars 150 000 aimed at growing Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Speaking at the handover ceremony here on Wednesday, Regional Council for Katutura East Constituency Ruben Sheehama said the office was allocated a budget of N.dollars 150 000 during the 2019/20 financial year to carry out among other income generating activities grant in form of materials, equipment which are given to community projects to start up new or upgrade existing small business every year.

He emphasised that the materials are directed at supporting small upcoming entrepreneurs; women; men and youth who cannot qualify to get loans at the financial institutions.

The support encourages community members to embark on economically viable projects that are sustainable in the long run. This assistance to community in turn reduces poverty by creating employment in the constituency, he noted.

Sheehama further noted that the projects application forms were distributed to community members. However, not all applicants could be considered for funding or assistance because of limited budget and some do not meet funding requirements.

The funded projects range from Upholstery, Laundry, Catering, Sewing and Tailoring, Welding and Hair Salon.

Sheehama indicated that the lowest funded project received materials valued at N.dollars 7000, while the highest received materials valued at N.dollars 31 600.

He further urged the beneficiaries to go out there and create much needed employment and make their projects an exemplary to others.

The Regional Council support does not only end with material assistance, but will continue to give support in terms of monitoring, mentoring, and training, he noted.

In the interview with NAMPA, the two of eight project beneficiaries, Wilhelmina Hamundjebo and Wilhelm Kandjengo expressed their excitement and promised that such materials will improve their businesses.

Lastly, Sheehama concluded with wishing all the project beneficiaries all the best in their future endeavours.

Source: Namibia Press Agency