Language radio services seem popular among youth

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Namibia celebrated World Radio Day under the theme Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace last Wednesday.

This event was held at the College of The Arts' city centre campus. The celebration was to give credit to radio and appreciate the impact that it has on people in shaping their lives. Both community and commercial radio stations are doing well, but are the youth listening to the radio and if they are what exactly are they listening to and at what times?

Victor Mubiana

I regularly listen to the Silozi Radio Service of NBC (Nwanyi FM) frequently between 06:00 and 07:30 before class. I like listening to the dedications and birthday wishes and great music that they play. My favourite radio presenter is DJ Malikopo.

Catherine Gom-Khaises

I don't listen a lot to the radio and that is mainly because of the time, plus I'm usually at work. When I do listen, however, I prefer the Damara/Nama Radio Service (Kaisames FM) and that occurs from 16:00 onwards. I love listening to the youth programmes and my favourite radio presenter is Desiree Christiaan.

Festus Hamalwa

As a media student, I respect radio. I listen to the radio to be empowered and to acquire knowledge. I am based in Ondangwa and the best station to listen to there is Shipi FM, with my favourite presenter being DJ Sebby. I pay attention to youth programmes during lunchtime and from 16:00-21:00 every weekday. I strongly feel a lot must be done by radio stations that are in local dialects to strictly cater to those languages as the elders also do listen and code mixing could cause confusion. Every now and then you find a presenter mixing Oshiwambo and English, that is not right and it ought to change immediately. Education on the use of local languages on the radio should be given priority.

Theresia Boois

I barely listen to the radio and if I do, it's typically the Damara/Nama radio service in the evenings around 20:00. I love listening to music. I also do call in and request and contribute to whatever is being discussed on air at that moment. My favourite radio presenters are Gerson Ore-aob and Jacky. There isn't anything specific I would love to change on the radio currently, everything is working well so far.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia