Namibia: Man Killed in Fight Over Cigarette

A young man was pronounced dead on arrival at Okongo Hospital after he was reportedly stabbed while trying to stop a fight between his sister and a customer.

It is alleged the deceased, identified as 29-year-old Elikana Kashonga, was trying to stop a fight between his sister Ester Kashonga, who works a bartender and a 29-year-old man at Omakangha cucashops in Okongo area in Ohangwena Region.

It is alleged Joel Erastus, who is now a murder suspect, and his brother Paulus Erastus went to Omakangha cuca-shop, where Paulus Erastus wanted to buy a cigarette. The cigarette allegedly fell into a glass of water after it was handed to him.

It is not known if he accidentally or intentionally dropped the cigarette in the water, but he then rudely demanded another. Instead of giving another cigarette, the bartender Ester Kashonga decided to give back his money. He did not take to this kindly and apparently hit the woman in the face.

He tried to go around the counter, but Ester Kashonga pushed him outside. A fight then erupted between the two. Eliakim Kashonga, who was at a different cucashop, soon learned that his sister was fighting with Paulus. He then rushed and tried to stop the fight.

In the meantime Joel Erastus, who was at a different cuca-shop, also went to witness the commotion. When he saw his brother involved in a fight - without knowledge of what was going on - he allegedly drew a knife and stabbed Eliakim Kashonga on the left hand side of the chest.

Erastus then grabbed his brother and they fled the scene together. Those who were present rushed the injured Eliakim Kashonga to Okongo State Hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival. Erastus has since been arrested and has appeared in Okongo Magistrate's Court.

Ohangwena Regional Police Spokespersons Abner Kaume Itumba confirmed the incident.

Source: The Namibian