NamPol condemns assault of civilians by Operation Kalahari Desert members

Namibian Police Force Major General Oscar Hembubulu responsible for operations said, the police strongly condemns actions taken by member of the Operation Kalahari Desert Phase six who kicked and slapped members of the public recently.

He made these remarks on Monday during a media conference that took place at the police headquarters in the capital.

This comes after two videos circulating on social media about members of the public being assaulted by Namibian Defence Force soldiers who are members of the Operation Kalahari Phase six.

One video shows a man being dragged from a city golf sedan, slapped and kicked in the Goreagab area in Katutura and the other shows passengers being slapped and kicked from a taxi in the Khomasdal area.

He said, it is against the law and regulations for law enforcement officers to assault, violet and and manhandle people even those suspected of committing offenses, irrespective of the circumstances because the use of force by law enforcement officers may only be permitted in circumstances of self defence.

Therefore we strongly condemn the actions of the members as depicted in the two video clips, the inspector general of the Namibian police force with the acting chief of the Namibian Defence Force directed the two incidents to be thoroughly investigated, said Hembubulu.

He added that in as much as the police force does not entertain unbecoming conduct by law enforcers, it also does not condone nor tolerate any act of violence, disrespect or demeaning gestures being made against the soldiers and the police officers while in execution of their duties.

We therefore, urge the public to cooperate with them and treat them with respect, these officers work tirelessly to ensure that the streets are cleared of criminals and that safety and security are guaranteed at all times, concluded Hembubulu.

Source: Namibia Press Agency