Unemployed Arandis clothing workers to get jobs back

ARANDIS: The 425 women who lost their jobs at Dantago clothing factory in Arandis last year, will soon be employed again when the factory re-opens this year.

A total of 427 employees, of which only two are men and 425 are women found themselves in the streets, with no money to support their families when the factory closed in February 2014.

The closure was caused by the termination of the contract between Dantago and the factory’s only sole client Woolworth Group.

Speaking to Nampa on the sideline of the official opening of the third Arandis Investment Conference and Uranium Festival on Friday, Arandis Town Council Chief Executive Office (CEO) Florida Husselmann said the garment factory will be re-opened soon.

‘We are excited that our women will get their jobs back, within two weeks we are able to have a definite answer that the factory will be operational again,” said Husselmann.

Husselmann said after the closure, the town council, Government, Erongo regional Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua and business people in the region discussed the matter and found a solution to re-open the factory.

She said the idea is to bring in different partners to financially support the project and ensure that people have jobs.

Husselmann noted that it is too soon to reveal who will be involved in the running of the factory as such information will only be made public once everything is ready.

She could also not reveal where and how the clothes will be sold.

“We want everyone to benefit from these factory when it open again, we do not what only one person or a few individuals to benefit like when it was owned by one company. Even the workers will have direct benefit this time,” said the CEO.

Husselmann noted that the former workers have tailoring skills and will be ready to work anytime.

She further said the closure have a negative effect on the revenue collection of the town as the affected people struggle to pay for water and electricity.

The affected employees have been asking the former Ministry of Trade and Industry to extend a helping hand and revive the factory.

Dantago sewed the garments at Arandis and transported it to Woolworth in South Africa for distribution among various retailers throughout Africa.

The festival held under the theme ‘Arandis the Gateway to Industrialisation Excellence’, aims to market the town to local and international potential investors as well as providing a networking platform.

The two-day event was attended by town mayors, councillors, ministers and representatives of different businesses especially from the uranium mining industry.