Lies and Innuendos At Air Namibia [opinion]

ALMOST all print media carried full page press releases by Tim Ekandjo as spokesperson of the board of Air Namibia that are nothing but half-truths and innuendos that cannot be left unchallenged.

I disagree with both Air Namibia chair Harald Schmidt and Ekandjo that a crisis ever existed at Air Namibia that warranted a withdrawal of the air operator’s certificate. Testimony to that is the certification of Air Namibia as one of very few African airlines to enter and work within the European airspace as well as being accident-free for more than 67 years.

Between the two of you and the minister, the only motive was the removal of Theo Namases for replacement by foreigners that the minister under whom you resort can manipulate and instruct to his liking, something he could not do with both Namases and Noks Katjiuongua.

If you do not agree with the above statement, clarify and give unambiguous clear answers to the following:

1. What were the so-called major safety issues that warranted withdrawal other than the manuals and the presence of Namases, Katjiuongua and a captain William Ekandjo?

2. Who are the individuals you claim have worked non-stop on those issues within Air Namibia that made the DCA [Directorate of Civil Aviation] issue the certificate two days after the removal of the three Namibians by your board on instructions of DCA and the minister?

3. With two of your hand-picked all-white new employees still stranded in Europe for the past two weeks, struggling to obtain entrywork visas into Namibia, who are the current individuals filling those so-called crucial vacancies? Is that not a safety concern by DCA?

4. Does the absence of your hand-picked foreigners not constitute a safety breach as per DCA and your minister?

5. When do you foresee the two outstanding members of your foreign hand-picked team reporting for duty in Namibia and at office?

Based on the above, we are convinced that the DCA, the minister and the board created the situation of “safety lapse” in the figment of their wildest imagination so as to remove those that are not easy to manipulate.

We know for a fact that two foreigners, of the minister’s new appointed team, as we speak, are still in Europe or elsewhere being paid a fat salary without being present at their stations in Namibia.

Are we now, just two weeks after Namases left office, already paying ghost salaries to ghost workers at Air Namibia?

Schmidt, Ekandjo and their minister should know that we know more than they give us credit for and that the more they open their mouths the more questions they raise.

The entire press release was nothing but a waste of the company’s money.

Rather keep your half-truths to yourselves.

Source : The Namibian