Namibia: Robbie Smiles All the Way to the Bank

Namibia's most recognizable football fan, Robbie Savage, the self-styled number one supporter of domestic football, has heeded the advice of MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo.

The latter recently advised the ever-present Robbie to wisely invest his winnings as the Best Supporter of the Year, an accolade he won at the MTC Namibia Premier League awards ceremony recently.

The football-crazy Robbie was advised to deposit the handsome amount of N$10 000 in prize money into a savings account.

Accompanied by Joseph Mundjindi, the manager of sponsorships and promotions at MTC and Ekandjo, Robbie headed straight to the local Nampost branch on Tuesday where he opened a Nampost savings account. The streetwise football fanatic has since deposited his well-earned N$10 000 prize into his new account. The prize money was bestowed on him as a token of appreciation and recognition of his perpetual and unwavering support for domestic football, specifically in the MTC Premiership.

"Congratulations to Robbie. He is an exemplary fan and I urge other football supporters in Namibia to emulate his support for the game and start filling up the stadiums during the football matches.

"As part of patriotism, it is just right to show interest and give support to our own football in the country in the exact manner we do for teams in England and Spain," said Mundjindi.

Robbie emerged as the number one fan in the whole Namibian football fraternity at the MTC Namibia Premier League end of season awards ceremony, held in Windhoek earlier this month.

In addition to the money, the likeable Brave Warriors mascot also walked away on the day with another unexpected prize: a brand new Nokia Asha phone.

Source: New Era