Africa’s Destiny Lies With Africans

THE economic greatness and destiny of Africa remains solely in the hands of Africans themselves.

These views were expressed by MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo at the NCCI gala dinner last week.

He said the negative perception that has besieged Africa needs to be discarded to the dustbins of history.

“The current status quo and perceptions of Africa, is that among many, we are not together, we don’t collaborate, we admire everybody else in the world than ourselves, we are not in charge of our own agenda, we are a continent owned by others than ourselves, we do not take charge of opportunities that we create and when they think Africa, they think poverty, corruption, a continent that loves begging and a continent that cannot do anything for itself,” Ekandjo said.

Six out of seven of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa. China has invested in 53 of the 54 countries in Africa. In 1992 China’s investment in Africa was just around US$1 billion, in 2013 that investment increased to US$140 billion.

“That means we have a good story to tell, the problem is the current story is not written by ourselves, we are not the authors of that story. We have for too long allowed others to tell our story on our behalf in the manner they deem fit,” Ekandjo said.

Source : The Namibian