Discovering the Other Side to Taxi Drivers

Twenty-one Top Taxi winners in and the competition is still buzzing as ever. Since its inception in the beginning of this year, not only has the Kosmos Radio Top Taxi competition changed the attitudes of so many drivers on the capital’s roads, but the public has come to know the other side to the drivers who move our cities.

Take our latest winner, Jakob Namupala. Since he started driving his own taxi just over three months ago, he has already built up a reputation for being friendly, efficient and and most importantly, a safe driver.

“I hate speeding and reckless driving, it’s very unnecessary. Just like having a bad attitude to customers, you don’t achieve anything and you just make the day harder for yourself,” he says with a dazzling smile.

With his charming presence and handsome features, Jakob soon had all the sponsors on the Kosmos Radio promotion balcony impressed by his dilligence to his work.

“Every once in a while I go to the traffic police offices and check if I have any outstanding fines, just make sure, because if you have one and don’t know or didn’t pay, it just invites problems and then how will you earn your money?” He goes on to add “once I received a fine and the next morning when I wanted to go and pay, I got to the offices and it was not even on the system yet, the officers were impressed by this even though they did find it a little bit funny”.

He drives off with a Standard Bank account loaded with N$3 000 and an assortment of prizes including a Bible, an Auto Armour car care kit and a first aid kit.

Top Taxi is a Kosmos Radio initiative and is made possible through the assistance of the Windhoek City Police, Standard Bank, Shoprite, NMC and The Namibian newspaper. The competition is still open for taxi drivers in the capital. All you have to do is get an entry form out of a copy of The Namibian newspaper. Fill it in and drop it off at Shoprite in Windhoek’s CBD or at the Lafrenz Money Market outlet.

“This is a great competition and thanks to the organisers and sponsors this great initiative. Hopefully I can drive nicely and win again!” Namupala concluded.

Source : The Namibian