Fechter Wins Teuguni Shoot

Sebastian Fechter was on top of his game on Saturday when the Namibian archer won the 2014 Teuguni Shoot at SKW.

The tournament, which got it’s name courtesy of a Namibian farmer who was known for breeding Teuguni cattle and who played an integral role in the start of the SKW archery range, was open to all local archers and more than 20 participants turned up to battle it out.

Fechter got off to a good start during the initial 1440 ranking round in the Compound Cadet Mens’ division. His score (1297) was however, outdone by Jackson Engel who accumulated one more point (1298).

Unfazed by his second place standing after the ranking round, Fechter quickly regained his confidence during the early elimination rounds where all archers, irrespective of their categories, shot at a distance of 30 meters.

Fechter triumphed over Brigitte Tietz and Adriaan Grobler to set up another showdown with Engel in the semi-finals. This time around, it was Fechter who had the better aim, scoring 148 points to Engel’s 145 points.

The final obstacle on his way to the overall win was young Dirk de Bod in the gold medal match. The pair got things underway with equally fine shooting and very little separating them. Eventually though, Fechter pulled ahead to take home the win with 145 points over de Bod’s 143 points.

De Bod finished in second place with a silver medal and Engel finished in third place with the bronze medal after narrowly beating Anton Zietsman into fourth place.

Source : The Namibian