Heaven’s Ark wants land from City

WINDHOEK; About 100 members of the Heaven’s Ark welfare organisation flocked to the municipality here on Monday to get the result of their applications for plots.

The members were inside the City Council Chambers during the council’s monthly meeting, which the group expected will discuss the applications they have been waiting on for six years.

However, the Heaven’s Ark plot issue was not discussed – it did not even feature on the agenda of the meeting.

This angered the group, who then moved outside the chambers and started to air their grievances loudly in public.

The chairperson of Heaven’s Ark, James Links told Nampa after the meeting that the City Council was playing games with them.

“We applied for a plot between Rocky Crest and Otjomuise, and for the past six years we are just told that the plot will be given to us.

But this has not happened,” he charged.

Links added that they were told that the plot was going to be officially allocated to them during the City Council meeting in September this year, but nothing of that sort happened.

The welfare organisation was registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services in 2010, and has more than 1 000 families registered with it.

It aims to acquire land from the City Council to construct houses for its members.

The plot is earmarked to accommodate stand-alone houses, flats, sectional title houses, a church, a multi-purpose community centre, a rehabilitation centre, a mini mall and a park.

The organisation has thus far collected N.dollars 600 000, which would be used to pay for the development of all these facilities with the assistance of local investors.

Approached for comment after the meeting, the City of Windhoek’s Chief Executive Officer Niilo Taapopi told this agency that it is true that Heaven’s Ark has waited for a long time, and that they were promised that an announcement with regards to their request would be made on Monday.

“The (City’s) management committee addressed their issues, but not all items were put on the agenda for today due to too many topics on the agenda.

The council has resolved that an extra-ordinary council meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss all other points which were dealt with by the committee, including the Heaven’s Ark’s plot,” he noted.

He assured Links that their issue had been resolved positively, and that it there is “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Taapopi said the issue took long because they needed one block of land, but in fact they require two blocks to do what they want to do.

Meanwhile, Links said if the plot is not given to them by Thursday as promised, he is going to take legal action against the City of Windhoek.