Hilifa Kleophas Awarded Top Prize At Tim Ekandjo’s Education Awards

Young Hilifa Kleophas, a male accounting student, reportedly almost broke down in tears when his name was called out as the Dux Learner (Best Grade 12 student) of the year of the Angra Bequena High School in Luderitz.

This was during the Tim Ekandjo Education Awards Ceremony, now in its third year, when cash prizes were handed over to 18 top learners at the Luderitz Angra Bequena High School on Saturday in front of a packed audience consisting of learners, parents and teachers and members of the community. These prizes, sponsored by Tim Ekandjo in his private capacity, automatically earns Kleophas a university Scholarship which includes tuition, books and a brand new laptop to aid his studies next year. “I am definitely excited about this prize and making my university dreams come true. I would never otherwise have gone to university if it was not for the Tim Ekandjo scholarship that comes with this prize, because I live alone but I am determined to do something with my life despite my circumstances”, said an excited Kleophas. He is an exceptional student and he obtained maximum points this year, said teacher Rowenna Claasen. “The majority of our students work so hard ever since Tim Ekandjo introduced the prizes three years ago, and we have definitely seen students pulling up their socks because they need the money to take care of themselves.”

The Tim Ekandjo Educational Awards pays out over N$ 60 000 per year in cash prizes in various categories from Grade 8 to Grade 12 ranging from N$ 800 to N$ 3500 individual prizes with the biggest prize being the Best Grade 12 student that receives a full year university scholarship. The awards have so far invested over N$ 180 000 in cash prizes in the last three years. Previous recipients of the scholarships include Keenan Beukes and Rauna Johannes who are both studying at the Polytechnic of Namibia and doing exceptionally well in their studies. “We are definitely sad that this three year commitment made by Mr Ekandjo is coming to an end this year because we have always struggled to secure prize monies, and upon approaching Mr Ekandjo he not only increased the prize monies significantly but also made a straight three year commitment, and on behalf of the management of the school, learners, parents and community of Luderitz, we wish to sincerely thank him for his generosity, and for having been an inspiration to our students,” said Claasen.

Source : New Era