On the Watch for Ebola

Operating within the framework of the medical organization of the TN Mobile CAF Women’s Championship, to be hosted by Namibia beginning 11 October, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) says it will leave no stone unturned and closely monitor potential dangers posed by the deadly Ebola virus outbreak.

Participating teams are required to ensure that their members have been examined and are in a good health, a good general state, have no fever, no headache, no sore throat, are not vomiting, have no diarrhoea, no skin rash, in brief no presumptive signs of Ebola among the delegation before departure to Namibia.

Upon arrival in Namibia at the airport, each member of the delegation will be subjected to thorough check-ups and medical screening.

Visitors from affected countries are given information and their details will be taken to monitor them for 21 days as per directives from the Permanent Secretary of the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services, Andrew Ndishishi.

Source : New Era