Pohamba Urges Unity in Overcoming African Challenges

Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba highlighted here Friday challenges faced by African countries including the outbreak of Ebola, and called for steadfastness and unity in confronting and overcoming the challenges.

The president made the remarks as he was taking the floor at the annual high-level debate of the United Nations General Assembly, which entered its third day here Friday.

“This session is taking place at a challenging time on the global stage,” said Pohamba, “Several African countries are confronted by an unprecedented outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease the 200 girls abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram are yet to be found and the indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza by Israel ended only 45 days ago.”

“These challenges are not insurmountable. They demand steadfastness and unity in confronting and overcoming them. They demand that we resolutely reaffirm our faith and move forward guided by the enduring values and principles of the UN Charter and all that it stands for,” he stated.

The president also called for full implementation of all relevant UN resolutions on Western Sahara and Palestine.

According to the president, Namibia has supported international efforts, to combat Ebola disease in some African countries, as the southern African nation has made financial contribution to the fight against the deadly epidemic.

“I believe that we should spare neither efforts nor resources in order to address the root causes of social strife, poverty and political conflicts in our societies, holistically,” he stressed.


Source : The Namibian