Purpose of the Great Minds

Some have wishes, others cant live without something, others are lost in the world somewhere far from home, others have given up on something, others are stuck somewhere, others have moved on, but great minds have purpose.

We all have to accept reality, perhaps if some of you may resist in your purpose, reality may still come around and capture with acceptance. Man has once lived in a world where he had to survive and maintain life. Their purpose was to live life and so, he took action to do something about it. We all have a purpose to live life the same way our role models do. But for our role models to get where they are, they had to start somewhere. These men are now an inspiration to most people.. a great leader that keeps his fears to himself. All he does is pour out courage and motivation into those within his reach. They remind us of our abilities to change our lives and those of people around us. They make us change our minds on dreams that we wanted to give up on, that is the purpose of their lives.

We often block our dreams when we allow our fears to grow bigger and weight more than our faith, fear is just a feeling, it doesn’t exist. But faith is that thing with feathers, it perches

into your soul with a positive attitude and it sings a theme without words. Remember that before anything, you are the one in control. You are the one who knows what you want the most and you know exactly what you have to do to get it. But once again, fear is there, fear of rejection and failure. Failure may be part of every game we play, but the most important thing is to try again. We do not have to build a house in failure. We have a purpose to live and that purpose does not include staying in failure, we get up and fight back. Life was meant for all of us, and its purpose is our gift. We are all winners, we all have a remarkable ability to turn nothing into something. I pray God leads you all through your hustle. It doesn’t matter how fast you get

there, as long as you are working on what you want to make sure that you get there.

Immanuel Namboga often write scripts at home that he find useful to share with the youth. His writings is based on real life issues that teenagers go through. Love,unconditional love, hatred, envy, greed, grudges, sex,alcohol and drugs, dreams and success ,passion killing and much more. From time to time he would be sharing his thoughs on these issues with fellow youths.

Source : New Era