RDP Ready to Battle for Ohangwena

Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Hidipo Hamutenya said that some of his party candidates who are often nominated to represent the party on political battlegrounds lack vision and fail the party as a result.

Hamutenya said this during the round-up campaign for the by-election in Ohangwena Constituency of Ohangwena Region, scheduled for tomorrow.

Hamutenya presented RDP candidate Walde Shimwooshili while expressing gratitude to the Ohangwena leadership of the party for choosing the right candidate for the councillor’s position. Hamutenya said Shimwooshili “is the kind of candidate that can bring about change in sectors such as education and health, and repair what has been damaged by Swapo”. He added: “Education has been a disaster, health is a nightmare, work is a problem, the country’s economy is not good. This is all because of Swapo.

When I heard that you are the nominated candidate, I told [RDP Ohangwena Regional Coordinator] Timoteus Shikongo that [it] was a bright decision. We have a problem becuase too often we nominate candidates with no clear vision, we nominate people that don’t know what they are doing. Shimwooshili is the right candidate vote for him, stand by him. He is the kind of candidate that can be groomed by both the regional and national leadership,” said Hamutenya. Shimwooshili promised to unite the people of Ohangwena and aocate and implement projects that can improve the livelihood of all the people of Ohangwena Constituency. “If you vote me into that office I will make sure you have peace and stability and I will unite the business community, the youth, the elderly and politicians. My office will not be a political party office, it will serve everyone irrespective of their political affiliation. Together we can make a difference,” said Shimwooshili.

Source : New Era