Soul Food – Suicide Is Not the Answer!! [opinion]

The suicide rate in Namibia is alarming. Losing someone through suicide is very confusing and hurtful and those that are left behind usually have questions no one can answer and have some sort of guilt for not rescuing the deceased. Life has many challenges that can lead someone to be suicidal. It is important to know that suicide is not the answer.

When you decide to take your own life, what you leave behind are traumatised and hurt people. Think about what you are going through and think about ten years ahead will that problem still matter? You may not believe it but the way you feel will change with time and people might not understand what you are going through but one or two people are always willing to listen and help. Challenges in life are to make us ger, to teach us lessons and to make us more aware of what is going on in life. When you are going through hard times, it does not matter what it is, you can overcome it. If you have had your heart broken in a relationship, give it time to heal and move on with your life. If you are faced with legal punishment, face the music and let it be a lesson in your life. If you are being abused, seek counselling or talk to a friend about what is going on so you can get help. Do whatever feels right to save yourself. Death is not a joke, once you are gone, you are gone. Feeling suicidal does not mean in any way that you are crazy, weak, or flawed. It only means that you have more pain than you can cope with at that moment. But help is available.

What if your friend or relative is suicidal? It is not easy to notice when someone is suicidal but often there is a sign or two. They might show signs of depression or stress, refusing to eat, isolating them and refusing to do activities they usually use to do. Some victims of suicide might actually joke about committing suicide. Do not ignore or take these signs lightly. A suicidal person may not ask for help, but that does not mean that they do not want it. Most people who commit suicide don not want to die they just want to stop hurting. So take these signs as a cry for help and offer it as fast as you can.

Suicidal thoughts can be triggered by many issues, which will need special attention on their own. Abuse, hostile environment, lack of social support and mental disorders can all trigger suicidal thoughts. It is very important to get the relevant help from welfare officials such as the police, social workers, counsellors, and protection units to make sure that the root of the problem is treated and the suicidal person does not have that baggage anymore that is causing himher the heartache.

Source : New Era