Ueitele Opens Omaheke Trade Fair

Omaheke Governor, Festus Ueitele, has encourage Namibians to earnestly engage in agriculture and food production as the financial rewards could be immense.

Speaking at the official opening of the 3rd Annual Omaheke Trade Fair (OTF) on Tuesday, Ueitele said the agriculture sector is a mainstay for both our region and country, providing a livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people, and contributing billions of dollars to the country’s economy.

“The contribution of the sector, directly and indirectly, to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is very significant,” said Ueitele.

The governor says Omaheke Region, affectionately known as “Cattle country”, is renowned for livestock farming, hence agriculture forms an integral part of the region.

Ueitele said he is of the view that practically, all Namibians must decide what we have to do, sharing a common trench of struggle, to address an agenda which includes achieving a better life for the masses of all its people.

“We must work hard to produce the material resources that will enable us to end poverty among the millions of our people and ensure that these masses enjoy rising and decent standards of living,” stressed the governor.

He implored the residents of the Omaheke Region to act together to achieve these national objectives.

According to the governor, “we also have the possibility, which we must seize with determination and enthusiasm, to place the region as an information super highway.”

“We must act together to develop our human capital. Without a skilled and educated population, we cannot achieve the development objectives we pursue.”

He said one of the aantages the region must offer to people who want to invest in the region and trade with other markets, must surely be that we have the people who have the skills and knowledge to work within a modern economy a conducive and appropriate environment for our investors.

He said the trade fair provides a unique networking platform to all the exhibitors.

“There is no doubt the Omaheke Trade Fair helps in promotion, marketing and publicity efforts of the participating entities,” he said.

He alluded to the fact the “Omaheke Trade Fair provides an opportunity for all actors in the agricultural and trade value chain to interact, share ideas and establish business linkages. It is my hope that all stakeholders will make the best use of this event.”

The Omaheke Trade Fair started on Tuesday September 23 and ends on September 27.

The theme for this year’s trade fair is: “Innovation, growth and wealth.”

Source : New Era