Windhoek Residents Pay for Using Pavement

WINDHOEK residents are paying rent for storing building materials on pavements in front of their houses during construction.

Lydia Amutenya, the municipality spokesperson, confirmed the existence of the tariff, which is charged at 1% of the municipal site value.

A City of Windhoek public notice, titled ‘Introduction of New Sidewalk Tariff’, says all building and storing activities are prohibited on the sidewalk.

The notice also says the tariffs do not apply in areas where the pavement is only two metres or less.

“The storage of all building material on the pavement should be more than one metre from the edge of the road, and all building rubble should be contained in 200 litre drums or skip containers,” read the notice.

The notice explained that the tariff was introduced to control the use of pavements according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Windhoek chief municipality engineer for roads and storm water, Dirk Reed, said apart from controlling the use of pavements, the tariff will also generate some income.

Reed said that house ownersbuilderscontractors can only store building material or building rubble on the pavement if they rent it.

“Building control will only approve foundations excavations, damp course, sewer and final inspections if a valid Sidewalk Rent Permit is on site where building material or rubble is stored on the sidewalk,” he explained.

He said the City Police and ward co-ordinators will check and can issue a fine of up to N$2 000 if an ownercontractorbuilder has no valid permit or uses the pavement illegally.

Reed said the responsibility is entirely up to the erf owner because the fines will be in their name. He added that the permit payable at the cashiers of the city and the receipt of payment forms the Sidewalk Rent Permit.

Amutenya said: “It is part of all new building plans to be approved and was enforced as from 1 November 2013, which means building work cannot be inspected and approved without the valid pavement rent permit.”

Last year councillors recommended that the permit which is valid for three months be issued to anyone who wishes to use it for its intended purpose and that the tariff be implemented with the annual tariff implementation.

The permit is only valid provided a minimum of three months were paid and that the calculated tariff is not less than N$30 per month or as escalated annually.

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Come on man, this is purely stealing from the poor citizens. What about those residents who put nice interlocks on pavements, why isn’t the municipality paying them because they developed municipal areas? I know it is a voluntary exercise but municipality should also find a way of compensating them then. the permit should be given free of charge and just ensuring that upon the completion of construction the area is cleaned properly that’s it. They should be looking at massive projects to generate more incomes from not by punishing your law abiding residents with these stupid tariffs. – Wambe tu zuwe… | 2014-07-22 07:43:00 || Comment id: 46377

You are giving them ideas. Rather stop. – Augusta | 2014-07-22 07:30:00 || Comment id: 46372

next on agenda is e-toll in Windhoek – Werner Shikage | 2014-07-22 07:12:00 || Comment id: 46366

Who has to maintain the pavement? Next the City of Windhoek is going to charge for use of the drive way every time we drive in and out of our erf! All to feed the greedy city fathers who waste money on unnecessary events and luxuries while the important things are neglected. – August | 2014-07-22 06:57:00 || Comment id: 46364

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