Yambu Life Cycle Challenge

The Yambu Life Cycle Challenge will once again take place in November and will for the first time include the Super D Challenge.

Over the years there have been a few different mountain bike race formats which have come and gone and a new type of race that is gaining popularity worldwide is the Super D.

Super D is best described as a downhill cross country race. It normally lacks the technical danger packed elements of downhill races, and in most cases, there is some significant pedalling involved.

Usually, a Super D is a timed event and can have either individual starting times or a mass, Le Mans-style start, where everyone goes at the same time. The Yambu Life Cycle Challenge will however have an individual start 30 seconds apart.

The event is great in the sense that most people can enjoy it. There is not a lot of climbing so one doesn’t have to be in great shape, although this would be an aantage. Another aantage is that one doesn’t need an expensive bike to do it either.

Any bike will do for a Super D race, but this category of racing is where the all-mountaintrail bikes with 110mm or more travel can really excel. There are three categories that the rider can enter based on his or her skill levels, namely the fun ride, the all-comers enduro and the ultra-enduro.

If you’re thinking about getting into racing, but you think you might lack the endurance required for a typical cross country or marathon style race, the Super D would be a great place to start.

The Yambu Life Cycle Challenge takes place on 8 November 2014 at Iitumba and you can register today on www.life.nalifecycle. This event will host a variety of entertainment such as a kiddies park and beer tent. The Yambu Life Cycle challenge will be bigger and better this year. For more information please contact 061 2754725.

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Source : The Namibian