17 January 2014

What Happened?
Despite a freak storm over Windhoek’s southern suburbs on Tuesday, general rainfall conditions have only improved marginally over the past week but are still far from ideal.
This week’s synoptic charts were dominated by an anti-cyclonic circulation which persisted with its core over the Karas region for most of the week.
This lead to extremely high day temperatures in Karas and Hardap, still very much in place by Thursday afternoon.
What the anti-cyclonic circulation does is to create a huge spinning wheel of air covering basically the entire country. For this wheel to advect moisture from Angola, its core needs to shift east and slightly north.
Usually this time of the season, this core sits over northern Botswana or western Zimbabwe from where, Namibia being on the western slope of this sub-continental rotation, it receives moist air from Angola which leads to widespread rains.
This is not yet the case and the jury is still debating developments for next week.