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Dillish to Dillrich in 91 days

She came, she saw, she conquered. The winner of Big Brother ‘The Chase’, Dillish with her grandfather Tate Mbumba and mother Selma Pashukeni Mancor when the feisty contestant arrived back

New law to restrict foreign ownership of banks

A new law proposed by the Bank of Namibia will revolutionise the local banking sector by setting a limit for bank ownership by foreign nationals.
According to proposals by the

Second stock exchange in the offing

Namibia will soon have a second stock exchange if an application before the Registrar of Stock Exchanges is approved.
According to Namfisa spokesperson Isack Hamata, Namfisa CEO Phillip Shiimi, who

Understanding Weather – not predicting – 30 August 2013

What happened?
June to August are the tail end of the “rainfall year” calendar.
On top of large temperature fluctuations, this August has provided late winter rain in the Karas

Commercial Prospects For NGO’s

Caption: Mark Robertson Lead Author, NGO Commercialization Assessment and Barry Primm Mission Director,USAID​/Namibia. (Photograph by Melba Chipepo).The

Mystery surrounds ownership of desalination plant

Mystery surrounds ownership of the Erongo Desalination plant following recent claims by energy giant Areva that it is the sole owner of the plant.