A fistfight over goats killed by dogs

OMUTHIYA A farmer, Oscar Simasiku, has opened a case of assault against another farmer Ignatius Nkunga, alleging that Nkunga punched and assaulted him verbally at his workplace in the presence of his colleagues. Simasiku also alleges that Nkunga went to his cattle post and fired shots in the air to intimidate his cattle herders. The entire fight is rooted from allegations by Nkunga that Simasiku's dogs killed three of his goats, a claim that Simasiku disputes.

Both men registered counter charges with the police on the matter, confirmed the Zambezi Regional Commander, Commissioner Karel Theron. Both cases are still under investigation, and once the investigations are done the law will take it course. However, there was a misunderstanding between the complainant and the investigation officer, of which the complainant believed that the police did not want to help him. So I called both of them and it was cleared, said Theron. Nkunga is accused of firing gunshots at Simasiku's cattle herders in March at the cattle post in the area of Masokotwani. Nkunga also has a cattle post in the vicinity.

My cowboys' dogs never went to his cattle post instead one went to Munyangano's post, but Nkunga is insisting that it was my dogs yet there is no proof. He claims that three of his goats were killed, but we only saw one, which was dead and have never seen the carcass of the other two. I told him that we should sit and discuss the matter and have a common solution, but he never agreed to that, said Simasiku. Nkunga refused to comment on the matter saying he has referred the issue to his lawyers. That was just a slight touch, it is not even a punch. If I happen to punch you, you will definitely fall down. So on that note I will not comment further because the issue is already with my lawyers, he stated.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia