Akutu Hewa Jackson Wahengo in Concert At the Warehouse Theatre

AKUTU HEWA in the language of former Mighty Dreads guitarists Jackson Wahengo, is an expression of sympathy towards someone who has encountered extreme hardship. AKUTU HEWA is also the title of the latest CD of Jackson Wahengo, a musician who has lived through the final era of the Namibian fight for freedom and who in his music reminisces on the various aersities and atrocities of the struggle for Independence. Jackson Wahengo’s roots lie in the northern Namibian Shambo music – which he combines with contemporary Western styles and Jazz. Coming home. Mbwayakalola (as some friends call him) is in Namibia to launch his CD and in the process, to leave a distinct ‘mark’ in Windhoek, his original home town.

NBL Tafel Lager have come on board to support and promote the artist and his show with an important contribution for event marketing. Accompanying Jackson Wahengo, who sings and plays the guitar, are six of the finest session musicians in Namibia currently. Kally Kasinda on keyboard, Jacus Krige on saxophone, Tayo Kasinda on bass, Piu Paulus on drums and with Joaqui Paulus and Romancia Shoonga of Fu Jazz fame, as backing vocalists. Tequila, who formed part of Jackson’s Eenhanga band in 2008 features as guest artist. Exile. Jackson Wahengo has chosen Geneva in Switzerland as his place of residence. He is arguably the gest ambassador of Namibian music outside Namibia. Wahengo has over the past four years been touring Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Spain on an ongoing basis. This is a rare opportunity for him to present his music to his substantial fan base in Namibia.

Source : Namibia Economist