Arandis wants downstream investors

The second Arandis Investment Conference and Mineral, Mining and Energy Expo took place from 25 to 27 April to serve as a catalyst for downstream investments for the Town of Arandis.
The conference and expo were hosted by the Arandis Town Council under the theme,“ Arandis finding financial Solutions for Development Initiatives.”
The 2-day conference focused on the investment potential that Arandis holds due to its strategic geographical location and the potential of the town’s growth in industrialisation, education and mining tourism, and particularly in servicing the mining industry in the Erongo Region.
Giving a general overview of the conference in an interview with The Economist, Florida Husselmann, Chief Executive Officer of Arandis Town said the conference was a success since the organisers have reached their target in terms of the two events [the conference and expo].
She said the most critical aspect of the conference was the adoption of Recommendations that would enable Arandis to find financial solutions for sustainable development initiatives adding that it was “satisfying, because it created a lot of awareness on Arandis in the whole of Namibia and many positive discussions were held during the conference.”